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The Canadian Arabic Community Centre (C.A.C.C)          

Mission Statement (First Draft)

To empower and support Arab immigrants and Canadians to create a unified community where their cultures are better understood and preserved; and the pace of new immigrant adjustment and active participation in their new community is increased.

By providing exceptional services that are culturally sensitive and inclusive, knowledge, tools, skills, and entertainment we will remain relevant for the benefit of our clients; employees; volunteers; members; partners; and community.

Membership: All Canadians both established and newcomers  are welcomed to become members of the C.A.C.C.provided that they share its values and agree with the objectives of the Association. A member application form must be completed by all prospective members. 

Administration: The association is managed by a group of Canadians — including counselors, intellectuals and artists that speak the Arabic language. The administration is served by nine (9) professionals with different areas of specializations. Members of the Administration are selected by the Board of the Association.

The Board of Governors: The Board consists of the founders and other individuals who are committed to the ongoing facilitation and promotion of social cohesion and multiculturalism among Canadians and Arab immigrants.

Policy and procedures: We recognize that families, immigrants, youths, and other Canadian groups deserve support for ensuring immigrants the full and early participation of new immigrants into Canadian society.  All Canadians new and existing deserve support with the preservation of their individual cultures.  Our services are grounded in principles of inclusiveness, cultural competence, transparency, equity, cultural sensitivity. We will be guided by the principles of Canadian human rights and results based program design and delivery.

Location: The Canadian Arab Community Centre (C.A.C.C.) operates primarily from

3015 Unity Drive, #12 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. However, the Association will take its activities off-site as necessary and as is practical.

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