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رئاسية مصر: تأييد النواب ملاذ بعض المرشحين

تباينت المسارات التي اتخذها المرشحون المحتملون لخوض انتخابات الرئاسة في مصر لاستيفاء متطلبات الترشح، وبدت طريق جمع توكيلات نواب البرلمان

China’s economic activity again weakened in September,

The People’s Bank of China is under pressure to lower interest rates and reserve rate ratios for banks as growth

Swiss central bank urges review of ‘too

FRANKFURT, Germany — Switzerland’s central bank said the government and regulators should carry out an in-depth review of rules aimed

U.K.’s first illegal drug “consumption room” to

The Scottish city of Glasgow will soon host the U.K.’s first “consumption room,” where people can go to use illegal

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